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14.5.10 @ 16:55
Every so often, I like to post a self-update entry on my LJ just so everyone knows I'm alive. With facebook around, I guess it's pretty unnecessary. Maybe it's more for me? Like, the clips episode before the season finale? Ehhhuhhh Idk.

Anyway, I graduated culinary school. I moved out of my sister's (who divorced her husband, btw). I live with my current boyfriend and roommate in a two bedroom in the suburbs. I work as a pastry/pantry chef at a restaurant. I work a lot. I don't do much writing anymore, though I do RP occasionally. Mostly, I lack the inspiration. I downloaded the Star Trek mod for Civ IV and it's pretty cool. I have many cats. I'm turning 21 this year.

8D That's it, I guess.
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27.10.08 @ 2:10
i had this dream.
So like.

I had this dream where I was living in my old house in Arlington again and Jamie (skycatcher) and Caleb (precto) came to visit. They brought this huge fucking catfish in a bucket and I didn't think too much of it at first 'cause it was a dream. And it's in Texas. Fishing's pretty big here.

But then they take the goddamn catfish out of the bucket and put it on my tile in the kitchen and I'm like "okay, they can gut it here, I guess." They aren't gutting it. These fucking assholes are teaching this catfish how to walk. And you know what? It's learning pretty well. I ask Caleb about it and he's like "We decided to push it into evolving into a land animal. It can already survive out of water."

Which it could.

This is all bad enough and I'm getting pretty pissed off because it's making a mess in my kitchen with its catfish slime, but then. THEN. Jamie reaches into its gill and fucks with something inside it and it pisses all over the place. I couldn't get them to stop and they just kept making it pee. It didn't stop peeing. So I got fed up and went to bed because I had to work the next morning, but my brother was in my room playing video games. My sister came in and left me a Mos Def cd and made my brother agree to take me to work.

And then I woke up to go to work, only my brother-in-law took me.

In short? Fuck you, Jamie and Caleb. You guys are douchebags.

EDIT: Hey, Haku (hakuren), I'm ready to start iconing again I'm so sorry I didn't for so long please don't hate me I love you.
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12.5.08 @ 4:24
Some of you know this about me, but I like to play this game. It's called the Google Game and I made it up myself. It's very amusing.

-Loose morals
-A computer
-A lack of people looking over your shoulder
-A chat window; more people, the better

1. Have a conversation where the subject matter goes from bad to worse.

Start out discussing abortions.
End with placentas.

2. Pick the worst noun out of the entire conversation and google it.

3. Pick the most disgusting pictures you can find.

4. Post the links to them in the chat window with an "LOL" or "XD" or "OIERJAOWIERJAWOR".

For every person who clicks the link and has an adverse reaction, you get one point. For every LOL, you lose a point.

Have fun, stay safe, and remember to turn off the safe search.
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25.4.08 @ 3:55
...Yeah. Totally hooked to Vampire Knight. It's too sexy.

My first final is tomorrow. May the Gods guide my knife through the starchy flesh of potatoes.

Juno was alright. I guess since everyone pumped it up, I was expecting more. Instead, I found myself wanting to punch her at one point. Did I talk like that when I was sixteen? Was I that annoying? Some of you might know better than I do. At least Michael Cera was a doll, as he always is. He's very good at playing the same character over and over again.

Juno (not Ellen Page. Juno.) should take notes on being endearingly sarcastic from Zooey Dechanel. Especially in Tinman. Kinda lame, but I really like her character. Or maybe I just like Zooey. I don't know.

I need to make icons.

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11.4.08 @ 1:24


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6.4.08 @ 8:05
manga recs.
Okay. I need some manga recommendations. You know, other than Reborn. I swear I'll get around to reading it, but I need some shoujo. Mix it up. I'm working on Fruits Basket, I finished Full Moon, and I want something along those same lines. YOU KNOW, YEARNING ROMANCE LOL.

Also, laptop to be repaired soon. Icon making will once again be in full swing. Anyone interested in making a community? I figure if there are people constantly bitching, I'll actually make enough for a decent post.
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24.3.08 @ 3:20
does this turn you on? </3


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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20.3.08 @ 22:41
For polychromatic obviously. Chumps.

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13.3.08 @ 5:57
I'm tempted to start a writing journal, since sometimes when I post things on here, I friend-lock them by reflex. I don't want that to discourage people from reading my writing, but I'm worried that if I do it, it'll just sit there...unused. My poor icon journal.

I don't know. I guess I'll just do it. Why not.
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13.3.08 @ 2:49
I wrote a Gin/Rukia drabble! Dedicated to hakuren. Also, I have some KakaSaku drabbles up at kakasaku, if you guys is interested.

Untitled #4 -- 3-14-08Collapse )
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10.3.08 @ 5:46
a fic.
I'm eighteen, so I can write dirty stuff. Cirucci/Gin drabble. Dedicated to stormcoming, the Cirucci-mun over at polychromatic for inspiring me with her characterization.

Untitled #3 -- 3-10-08

In the job description for Privaron Espada - female Privaron Espada - it says nowhere that anyone is to be fucktoy to superiors. It's more of an understood rule, one that Cirucci Thunderwitch is well acquainted with. It's usually not such a terrible arrangement. She readily caters to the most twisted of whims because those whims are her own. Sometimes, it's nice to remember that bleeding can be pleasurable, that submission isn't always humiliating, and that domination isn't entirely out of her reach. She can identify most of the heterosexual male arrancar chiefly by their kinks. None of them disturb her.

None but his.

He kisses her softly and touches her in the same way, thin lips following her curves with a perfect smile. He is always slow. Considerate, even. They don't speak of what they do often, but when they do, he doesn't call it 'fucking' or even just 'having sex'. 'Makin' love' is his euphemism of choice, and everytime she hears it, it's enough to make her gag. He's good at what he does, and when her mouth screams pleasure but her eyes spell mutiny, he chuckles low in his throat and places his hands over both. But she can't imagine him to be anyone else, not with his scent and his reiatsu bearing over her. When she actually manages to picture another face, he speaks to her in soft, sing-song tones, words that make her burn with shame and dizzy with want.

It's the worst sort of abuse she can imagine.

He never breathes hard or moans or even changes his expression. Fucking her is a walk in the park. Nothing worth exertion. And he never comes unless it's on her, warm and terrible. When it's over, he holds her close for as long as he can before she can think up an excuse that's not too trite. This bothers her most of all. One day, she dares to ask him whether or not he has more important things to do than to just lay with her. In return, he asks her what's wrong with a little 'cuddlin'. She sweetly replies nothing, but has to stop herself from recoiling.

All this affection is such a lie that it makes her own pale in comparison. She can do fake, but not this kind of fake - the kind that borders on mockery and pity. When it's over, she takes the longest baths she can imagine, scrubbing every part of her drops of him landed. It's like screwing a fox. She's not really into beastiality, but she can't say no. And some nights, when he treats her like porcelain but talks to her like the nothing she is, when she's whispering his name like it's the only one she knows, she forgets what the word even means.
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9.3.08 @ 18:49
to those ancient fans of fics of mine....
I reread the epilogue of Comfort today. It's one of my favourite things I've ever written. I was about fifteen at the time, but I feel like that chapter is more mature than anything else I have out there (besides The Dark and Perfection, my top two). The rest of Comfort is kind of throwaway. Kid's shit, the typical "Kakashi and Sakura get it on, Kakashi feels guilty, etc...." with a rape scene to make it a little more sassy, but the epilogue still speaks to me.

So yeah, I'm rethinking an idea I had back then to rewrite it with more sex scenes (as if it needed more) and changing some of the plot lines. Maybe adding more. Adding depth. I think my writing was better then, but it'd be interesting to see Comfort in my current perspective.

It's sad - so many of the people I knew back then and the people I dedicated it to I don't speak to anymore. Well. I don't know. I'm just thinking it all over.
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17.8.07 @ 6:39
happy birthday to self.
Okay. As a birthday gift from myself to all of you, I have an unfinished piece of original work I'd like to share. I got too lazy to keep going, and I doubt I will later. So, here you go.

DISMANTLING -- 8/17/2007Collapse )
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3.7.07 @ 2:05

i'm tired of smelling like gasoline.

also, i'm in vietnam.

might be making new icon community soon with nyaa if i can get my shit together. stay tuned if you like my icons and jumbo enemas.

a few entries ago, i made a comment on my fickleness and how i'm unable to rp on both boards and livejournal on the same time. well, i'm sick of boards for the time being, so guess what i'm coming back to? i need a better hobby. maybe a job. a garden. some drugs. whatever.

that said, i'm feeling some pretty deep antipathy.
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13.2.07 @ 3:17
LEAVING PT 2 -- 2/13/2007
Part two of Leaving, but the two can be read separately. It's just a look into an adventure our protagonist has after abandoning his wife and kids. Dedicated to anotherstraycat.

LEAVING PT 2 -- 2/13/2007Collapse )
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